Financial Institutions

Having operated within the HSBC family for 14 years, the needs, institutional framework, and operating procedures of financial institutions are deeply encoded in our DNA. The perfect organizational structure, the good performances over time and the experience we have gained by offering our products and services to Greek and foreign banks and other supervised companies make us an ideal candidate for business to business (B2B)  partnerships in open architecture structures.


Your Needs

We rely on the specialization and loyalty of our management team which consists of professionals who discover value in the capital markets and transform it into attractive investment solutions. Through many years of experience we have developed our investment methods so that we can respond effectively to opportunities and invitations at all stages of the business cycle, while remaining true to our investment philosophy.

We focus on effectively diversifying your portfolio with optimal distribution according to your investment goal using sophisticated monitoring strategies.

Under the current legal framework, mutual funds are taxed on their total assets. As a result, potential goodwill and dividends (if distributed) have no additional income tax.

We specialize in investment solutions that can be easily converted into cash.

Access to secure custodian banks (HSBC, Lombard Odier, BCGE, Societe Generale de Luxembourg).

Through our international partnerships, we offer a wide range of investment products and personalized solutions to help to achieve your investment goals. Our goal is to help you preserve and grow the value of your assets.

Inflation is an important factor when it comes to the return on investment portfolios.The fear of inflation is not unfounded as it can be a challenge for investors. At Triton we focus our efforts on managing the risk of your portfolios to the best of our ability. By understanding the impact of inflation on financial instruments and what areas we need to monitor and avoid, we can offset the effects of inflation.

We provide ongoing information and training for our partners regarding developments in the industry and new products.

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