About Us

We are one of the first mutual fund management companies to operate in Greece, and manage the top-performing fund in the country since 1991.

At Triton Asset Management, we believe in developing long-term relationships with our customers based on trust, confidentiality and transparency. Our goal is to offer you the best investment solutions based on your investment objectives by combing technical expertise with sustainable investment strategies.

It is in our DNA to support our customers at all stages of life by protecting, growing and ensuring the smooth succesion of their wealth to their loved ones.

Key Facts

  • TRITON Asset Management AEDAK team consists of 40 employees, 18 of which are investment professionals averaging 20 years of professional experience and 15 years with Triton
  • Eurobank SA is our Custodian bank for mutual funds’ assets and portfolio management accounts in Greece. The custodian banks for our foreign funds are Quintet Private Bank in Luxembourg for the INCOMETRIC FUND – TRITON (LF) GLOBAL BALANCED FUND & Societe Generale Bank & Trust in Luxemburg for 20UGS-TRITON (LF) GREEK EQUITY 20UGS-TRITON (LF) FLEXIBLE MULTI-ASSET FOF
  • Our Assets Under Management are approximately 1.3 bn € as of 31/12/2023
Investment Managers & Consultants
Billion Assets Under Management

Business Areas

  • We provide advisory and discretionary management services to institutional and private investors. Eurobank SA, Societe General Bank & Trust Luxembourg, Lombard Odier and Banque Cantonale de Geneve are the custodian banks for portfolio management services offered abroad.
  • We manage 9 UCITS V compliant Mutual Funds in Greece and 3 UCITS V in Luxemburg investing in Greek and International Equities, Bonds, and Money Market Instruments
  • We offer third-party mutual fund products to the Greek market from HSBC Global Investment Funds, Amundi-Pioneer Mutual Funds, JP Morgan Funds as well as the Incometric Fund – Triton (LF) Global Balanced Fund, TRITON (LF) Greek Equity Fund and TRITON (LF) Flexible Multi-Asset FOF

Our History

Hellenobretaniki Mutual Fund Management
Founding of Hellenobretaniki Mutual Fund Management by John Vezanis and the Hellenic-British Insurance Group.
HSBC Bank (then Midland Bank) joins as a minority shareholder with 40% to form Midland Hellenobretaniki Mutual Fund Management.
HSBC Bank: Majority Shareholder
HSBC Bank becomes the majority shareholder of the company by acquiring the share of Hellenic-British Insurance Group.
Discretionary and Consulting Management License
Company obtains license to provide discretionary and advisory investment management services to institutional and private investors.
Triton Asset Management
In March 2013 the company becomes independent from HSBC as it is acquired by the founder and renamed Triton Asset Management.
Triton Global Balanced Sub-Fund (Incometric Fund Umbrella)
In August 2016, Triton Asset Management became the manager of the Luxembourg-based Triton Global Balanced Fund.
Flexible Multi-Asset Fund of Funds & Greek Equity UCITS (20UGS Umbrella)
In March 2019, Triton Asset Management takes over the management of two other Luxembourg-based sub-funds, Triton (LF) Flexible Multi-Asset FOF and Triton (LF) Greek Equity.
PRI Signatory
In 2020, Triton Asset Management joins the UN-backed “Responsible Investment Principles” (PRI) initiative.
AIFM License
In December 2021, Triton Asset Management extends its license to an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM).

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