Portfolio Management

Triton Asset Management offers a service of high standards that combines the knowledge and expertise of our investment team with the security of major international custodians. The independent structure of our company allows us to be flexible and decisive in our proposals and investment strategy. Through our international partnerships we offer a wide range of investment products and personalized solutions, in order to achieve your investment goals. Our services include:

Discretionary Management
The management of your portfolio is conducted exclusively by experienced certified portfolio managers with the purpose of achieving the optimal asset allocation (accross geographies, sectors and currencies) in accordance to your investment profile. Transactions are carried out with transparency and communicated immediately with you. Consequently, you will no longer be obliged to constantly monitor the market and how it affects your portfolio.

Advisory Management
This service is aimed at investors who want to maintain the final control of the investment decisions, but at the same time seek the consulting services of specialized executives for a wide range of investments. Your portfolio is supervised by experienced certified managers who suggest appropriate investments based on your investment profile and market conditions and you evaluate their proposals and ultimately decide for yourself the structure of your portfolio. The transactions are always carried out with your consent and approval for each proposed investment.

Regardless of the management service you choose, the services that Triton offers you include:

  • Determining your Investment Profile based on a simple investment questionnaire
  • Initial portfolio structure proposal based on your investment profile
  • Active monitoring and analysis of your investment portfolio
  • Providing hedging and risk reduction techniques
  • Optimal execution of transactions with cost reduction
  • Frequent reports on the transactions and progress of your portfolio

Model Portfolios

The Portfolio Management Investment Committee has created 5 Model Portfolios which are “all in one” solutions, designed to combine a range of options and to meet your personal investment goals.

Through our Model Portfolio offering, you will have access to our investment guidance through a disciplined and customized process which is determined by the following steps:

  1. Identify your knowledge and experience
  2. Define your investment goals
  3. Set the acceptable risk limit that you want to take
  4. Delimit your investment horizon
  5. Select the Exemplary Portfolio that matches the above characteristics

Our Model Portfolios give access to the Greek and global markets, enabling the customer to choose between different categories of investments.

Our 5 Model Portfolios are:

Very Conservative Portfolio

You are very risk-averse. Your investment strategy aims exclusively at preserving your capital and its implementation presupposes the use of products with a very low level of risk and high liquidity. You recognize that, despite the security of your portfolio and the retention of its nominal value, careful management is required to counteract the erosion of its relative value over time due to inflation.

  • Balanced Mutual Funds & Alternative Investments, 5%
  • Bonds, 5%
  • Cash & Money Market Products, 90%

  • Balanced Mutual Funds & Alternative Investments, 5%
  • Stocks, 2.5%
  • Bonds, 10%
  • Cash & Money Market Products, 82.50%

Conservative Portfolio

You are cautious towards risk. You do not want to risk your entire investment, but are willing to take some chances in a calculated way. Your investment portfolio should focus on a strategy that looks forward to a limited chance of decreasing capital value. You are willing to sacrifice higher odds for a greater sense of certainty.

Average Portfolio

You have a balanced approach to risk. Your investment portfolio should have a strategy that allows for a moderate degree of losses during a bear market. For you, calculated risk taking is an acceptable strategy in order to achieve higher returns.

  • Commodities, 7%
  • Balanced Mutual Funds & Alternative Investments, 30%
  • Stocks, 23%
  • Bonds, 25%
  • Cash & Money Market Products, 15%

  • Commodities, 7%
  • Balanced Mutual Funds & Alternative Investments, 25%
  • Stocks, 32%
  • Bonds, 20%
  • Cash & Money Market Products, 16%

Growth Portfolio

You have a moderately aggressive attitude toward risk. Your investment portfolio should show a preference for strategies that allow for capital growth in the medium to long term. You are looking for higher than average returns and are hence ready to accept significant fluctuations in your invested capital.

Dynamic Portolio

You have an aggressive attitude towards investment risk. Your investment portfolio should favor a strategy that can offer capital gains. Are you willing to accept significant fluctuations in invested capital’s value for potentially higher returns? You are able to recover from unpredictable market downturns, either because you are investing in the long run or because you have access to additional capital stock that you may want to invest during recessions.

  • Commodities, 7%
  • Balanced Mutual Funds & Alternative Investment Products, 15%
  • Stocks, 46%
  • Bonds, 13%
  • Cash & Money Market Products, 19%

Important Update

As money and capital markets are subject to unpredictable fluctuations, the company does not guarantee the result of advice or discretionary management on your portfolio. Triton’s responsibility is limited to providing you with the appropriate advice and management of your portfolio, according to your investment profile. The appropriateness of portfolio management advice and operations is judged with reference to objective criteria at the time during which they are provided or carried out, taking into account the general financial conditions and your own profile, and not the outcome. Our proposed portfolio distribution may change according to changes in these conditions.

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