Customized Mutual Fund Creation

Triton can generate personalized mutual funds based on your specifications, covering all related services, including:

  • Professional Investment Management
  • Creation of all the necessary documents (Prospectus, KIID, Factsheet)
  • Access to Custody Services
  • Mutual Fund Valuation & Accounting Support
  • Preparation and submission of reports to the Hellenic Capital Market
  • Commission to meet all legislative / regulatory requirements

The main advantages of Triton Customized Mutual Funds are:

  • Investor’s participation in the fund’s investment management committee
  • Co-shaping investment policy, goals & limitations
  • Absolute institutional protection of investors, according to the strict supervisory framework of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission and ESMA
  • Immediate access to information and information to those referring to the mutual fund investments and the execution of its transactions

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