Corporate & Social Responsibility

At Triton we believe that corporate social responsibility must be expressed in practice through substantial contributions to society. Over the years, we have supported a variety of initiatives on causes ranging from social and environmental outreach to healthcare and education.

It is our conviction that increased access to higher education is a significant contributor to social development and progress. As a result, we have pledged to annually fund two young people wishing to pursue a degree in MSc in Finance at the Alba Business Graduate School, starting in AY 2024-2025 and completing in AY 2033-2034, renewing the annual commitment every year. Participants in the scholarship are also offerred an optional 6 month internship.

Furthermore, Triton has been supporting the Greek Institute of Financial Literacy for the Promotion of Financial Knowledge. The GFLI is a non-profit organization that focuses on coordinating volunteering targeted at younger generations and vulnerable social groups. Some of the Institute’s activities include publishing articles and texts for parents and children, implementing special information events in schools, conducting scientific studies, and collaborating with domestic and international organizations. The purpose of the Institute is to create informed and financially responsible citizens who will be able to make informed decisions in terms of use and management of their money. Through our joint actions with the Institute of Financial Literacy, we hope to contribute to the next generation’s education, especially of primary and secondary school students, in matters of economics and financial knowledge such as personal capital management, savings and investments. For more information about the Institute and its activities, we urge you to visit its website, following the following link:

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Some of the organizations we have supported:

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